There is no second place in a judment, so each case represents a challenge for us.

Family Law and Divorce

"During this emotional trauma, divorcing without having the necessary information can have a negative impact on your future. But Dr. Julieta Débora Aracena will guide you through this difficult time, helping to understand her position and also represent your interests at every step of the process."

  • Marriage: conventions on goods, division of property of the conjugal society.
  • Unilateral and joint divorces.
  • Economic compensation for damages arising from marriage.
  • Exceptional foods
  • Parental responsibility: exercise, ownership, delegation of the exercise, loss and suspension (minor child food, communication regime, travel authorizations). Homologation and execution of food agreements.
  • Registration in the record of delinquent debtors: complaints for obstruction of contact.
  • Filiation: claims of food to the alleged parent up to 25 years of age.
  • Claiming food to grandparents and relatives up to the 2nd of consanguinity.
  • Demand for food provision to the spouse and / or cohabiting partner of the parent.
  • Change of name (pre and surname).
  • Judicial and economic guards.
  • Rectification of birth, death and marriage.
  • Unions. Agreements on goods.
  • Adoptions: Full, Simple and Integration.

The divorce in Argentina has undergone major changes since August 2015 regarding the content of their petition, who can request it and the grounds. As for the type of process, unlike other countries, in Argentina, only those persons who have declared a judicial decision, are considered to be divorced, that is to say that the appropriate way is judicial and non-administrative.
To request the declaration of divorce does not require minimum time nor to invoke any causal, which helps to strengthen family peace avoiding a waste of energy and unnecessary procedural acts, respecting individual autonomy in family decision making.

Who can apply:
You can apply for one or both spouses in a single letter.

Content of the request:
The new civil legislation, requires as a condition sine qua non to be accompanied by the request for a Divorce Link, a proposal or a convention regulating the effects of divorce:

  • Personal care, food and children's communication regime
  • Distribution of marital assets
  • Attribution of the family home
  • Economic Compensation
  • Other items of interest the spouses.

Effects of divorce:
From the divorce judgment the former spouses regain their nuptial fitness, which is the most important effect.

The required documentation:
  • Updated Marriage Certificate
  • Birth certificates of the children
  • Titles of property and registrable property
  • Name, Address, photocopy ID of both spouses.
  • Proof of payments of gabelas.

The professional fees are regulated in the respective judgment, although other miscellaneous can be agreed in an agreement concluded for that purpose.

Custom Payment Methods:
We agreed the payment method with the client according to their economic possibilities and means available. You can pay us at the beginning of the process, or at the moment of having passed the sentence.
Estudio Jurídico Aracena divorcio

Hereditary succession

"In the face of the death of a close family member, the family unfortunately does not only suffer from the natural pain that results from the loss of the person, but also from a series of uncertainties caused by legal actions that must be carried out in the face of the succession of the deceased."

Our Law Firm are specializes in inheritance judments with an extensive background. It offers its services through a personalized and agile service, which is reflected in a dedication of quality and dynamism, offering permanent practical solutions.

Expenses and fees:
All succession process requires the payment of justice expenses to be able to start. The major expenses will depend on the assets that integrate the succession, specifically the tax valuation of the properties / cars and / or registrable assets of the succession and the jurisdiction in which the process must be carried out, because of the multiplicity of procedures annexed , will vary with each province.
We make the budget of expenses and our fees, only through a personal interview in our study having in view the documentation that allows us to expose the panorama of expenses, deadlines and the concrete work to be done.

The required documentation:
  • Death of the deceased (deceased).
  • Birth certificates of children who are alive and departed from death if any died before.
  • Match of marriage if married / married.
  • Death certificate of the spouse if widowed / widowed.
  • Items that prove the links if other relatives.
  • Names, Address, ID and Civil Status of all known heirs.
  • Property titles to exhibit and photocopies to deliver

Residents abroad
We offer the possibility of starting your succession from anywhere in Argentina or the World through a special power that will be required for that purpose.

At a distance in various situations it is difficult to face certain legal proceedings as a succession, with respect to real estate in Argentina. Hiring our services, process your succession without having to travel to Argentina and follow through the Internet.

Our purpose is to avoid costly travel, unnecessary responsibilities and obligations.

Together with Estudio Juridico Aracena, it ensures the certification of guarantees and titles as well as the preparation of the pertinent documentation to adequately solve the requirements of seals, documentation and other legal aspects that accompany the conclusion of any succession

Custom payment methods
We agreed the payment method according to your economic possibilities. You can pay us at the beginning of the process or according to the different procedural steps, agreeing the payment method and the obligations of the professional through a fee agreement.

Our law office it works all the circumscriptions of the Province of Mendoza and in all the Provinces of the country, next to the Network of Argentine Lawyers.

Hereditary succession, Heritage and Administration
You can initiate in the Repulica Argentina, all those successions in which the deceased's last domicile has been in this Country
In matters of inheritance law, in this matter so sensitive to the family of the deceased, in the first place there is a tendency to conciliate interests, so that the heirs may reach an agreement with respect to the goods where their interests are fully satisfied.
Without an heir he is not physically present in the Argentine Republic, he can also be represented by a single professional through the corresponding Special Power, granted in his place of residence before the corresponding Public Notary.
Estudio Jurídico Aracena abogados con documentos

  The specialist in Family Law and Succession in Mendoza and Argentina Republic

Welcome to the web site of the Legal Officce of Dr. Julieta Débora Aracena, specialized in Civil Law, Family Law, Estate and Labor Law.

Our geographical area covers the province of Mendoza, the Uco Valley and the entire Argentine Republic together with the National Lawyers Network.

Our mission is to be the legal study that provides quality services, with technical capacity, seriousness and responsibility when processing legal solutions.
Differentiated by a marked preventive and proactive character. Prioritizing particular settlement before litigation.
The main commitment is to provide our clients with legal assistance in a fair, adequate and effective manner in relation to the current civil legal system.

Our main objectives are:

  • Prevent contingencies of a legal nature.

  • Minimize risks in decisions.

  • Explain to the client the scope of his rights and obligations as a member of society.

  • Attend each case with the importance it requires, committing ourselves to satisfy our clients in speed, efficiency and above all professional ethics.

  • To help them to reach their objectives with suitability, to solve the conflicts that arise from socioeconomic relations, trying to prevent or stop the state of uncertainty.

Strategies : Professionales Values

  • A constant update on the new rules of the Civil and Commercial Code and Unified Jurisprudence, specialized in Family Law, Estate, Labor, Insurance and Transportation.

  • Special protection of the best interest of the child by facilitating an adequate communication with both parents and each other, for Family cases.

  • Located conveniently in the micro-center of Mendoza, equipped and comfortable offices in order to provide better services to groups of people, preserving privacy and result.

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Julieta D. Aracena      Federal Lawyer

Professional qualifications

  • Lawyer, Graduated in University of Congress, admitted in 2013 Mendoza City Bar, Argentine.

Areas of practice

  • Family law; Civil Law, Labor & Employment Law and Litigation.

Magister in Damage

  • University of Mendoza - Argentina (admited)

High School Diploma

  • Memorial High school. New Jersey.U.S.A.

Legal Assistant

  • Hudson County Schools Technologies New Jersey USA

Professional Ethics

  • Bar Association of Attorneys and Attorneys  of Mendoza
  • The New Civil and Commercial Code of the Nation and its Impact on procedural rules

Traffic Accidents

  • Damages and damages in the C.C.C.N. Current Insurance in the face of new regulations ". Mendoza Bar Association
  • New Capacity Regime in the Civil and Commercial Code of the Nation (Chamber of Family Appeals of Mendoza)


  • "New Civil and Commercial Code and its Jurisprudential Application" -University of Congress- Mendoza - Argentine